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Manage your Online Reputation through Blogging

In today’s world anybody can start a business at least on a small scale one with low investment on the Internet but what about the sale or reputation they maintain? Even a single negative review can create a great impact on your business.

Also, nobody is going to buy or read your information all of a sudden when you create it. Awareness and familiarity are what makes the website popularize which gradually enhance the productivity, and the fortune key to attaining it relies on how much effort you put to familiarize it with people. Having an attractive web design with high social influence can definitely hike your profit level.

This can be achieved through “blogging”. Blogging on the social platform can create faster and effective growth. You can provide information or news that is relevant to the user through blog posts and can able to know their exact expectation and need. Once you start providing the user need they will automatically get committed to you.

Here I will share few points about blogging and its benefits that could help your online reputation management.

  • Create relevant domain name along blogging platform – 1.      Your domain name should be precise and relevant to your business. Mostly try to get domain matching your keywords so that you can rank better and soon in search engines. Once it is over, move on to the blogging platform. Always opt for the famous and easy to use a platform like WordPress, Tumblr etc. where you can save your time as well as profit more. 

  • Post the targeted content regularlyWe all know that “Content is King” so never fail to update it regularly. Only when you post relevant and targeted content to the users you can reach them quickly. Make sure that your readers find it useful to spend time on that. When you have any negative reviews on search engines you can definitely erase it or make it invisible through your blog posts. Be sure “as your authority grows the trust grows among people”.

  • Maintain your social media account to have a strong presence- Social media is actually a great source to promote your business to heights. Create accounts on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. and share your blog links in posts. This can eventually bring traffic to your site while increasing the ranking.

  •  Do guest posts – As your audience grows to try to build your skill by writing guest posts. This could increase your visitor's trust and brand identity. Possibly you will also get new readers and followers too.

  •  Use SEO techniques – SEO can boost your ranking in search engines. Placing the relevant keywords with quality content can make your blog posts gain higher visitors. Also, you can handle the negative reviews smartly by optimizing your pages. So having a little knowledge can profit more to you.

If you find it hard to handle reach ORMservices that are nearby you. They can handle your website without any negative complaints or reviews meanwhile you can invest your time in your sale or business. 

Monday, 3 April 2017

Best Techniques for online review removal

Every people who are doing business especially online business must come across online reviews. Every single negative review is surely affecting your business and even sometimes shut your business down if the review was harsh. Here are some perfect techniques and ideas to removing negative reviews from the Search engines.
Fig: 1 Negative Reviews
What is the need to remove negative Reviews?

Most of the peoples who are also as a business owner really don’t care about online reviews as much. They may think like why should I care for a fake review? They know that it is a fake review but a new client who wants to do business with you will analyze your reviews before doing business with you. At that time that negative review will be a black mark about your business so they may think about join with you for doing business. In reality, a new client or customer will hesitate to work with you in future. So it is very important to delete that negative review from a search engine is very important. 

How to reply to the Bad Reviews Online

Fig: 2 Reply to Negative review

Respond to those reviews at where they post the review and make sure that you are reacting immediately. Search engines like Google will not accept to delete bad online reviews, They don’t know about whether it is good or bad if the customer gave a review it just post it on the web. In this case replying to a review can be effective because it gives a client sided view of your business into one where a matured customer can analyze both sides of the problem.
When you are going to reply, consider the following things:
Use common courtesy like we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Being polite forces the reviewer to also be polite.
If the fault is on your side, apologize and see what you can do to resolve the situation.

Bury the negative reviews with your positive reviews

Another extremely useful approach is to burying your bad review. In a lot of good reviews, there is no one has time to go to search back your one or two bad reviews in search engines. They know Bad reviews are also important in business in terms of you can have the chance to improve your faults. Encourage your existing customers to review you on websites by including links to your website, in social media or in any other forum also in search engines.

Promote your positive online reputation on consumer activist websites

Fig:3 Promoting reviews
When you get a positive review from your existing client, and then promote those reviews at online particularly highly indexed on search engines with your company name like youtube, Facebook Etc, in part because entire company profiles are built into the site. Company reports, reviews and comments are available in easily browsed subsections under the company names.

Direct contact

Fig: 4 Reacting to Reviews
If that complaint or review really caused by your fault then you are fully responsible for that. You can try to reach the customer by call or Email in person to ask to apologize for the inconvenience happened to you. Then try to compromise them by giving more offer, coupon code, better service again or refund like that. After some time you can ask then to remove or modify the review.
In some cases, the negative complaints or reviews can be posted by your competitors to spoil your business. If the reviews are false then you can contact the webmaster or the website to eliminate the complaint by proving that the review was false. If they authenticate you are telling the truth they will remove or else we have to move to the other ways.

Sixth Star Technologies: Reviews Removal Services

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Sixth Star Technologies Reviews

Sixth Star Technologies A webdesigning company provide the service to the customer and always get a good Review from the customer and provide the best service in the city and have other service like domain,hosting and web developments are the main stream  that is used in Sixth  Star Technologies.we have a very good web design and service to the customer  good and in a well manner.
Sixth Star Technologies Review

Fig 1.1 Positive Reviews From Customers 

In sixth star the we use a various types of templates and we have for the web designing purpose and  templates that is used to designed various form of layouts and techniques that is used to follow in sixth star technologies. Provide a good and well service to the customers and form of web design always.

Video 1.1 Customer Guide and Cmplaints 

We also get a  good review from the customer and still no bad complaints about the company and designs and also we used to provide the domain service to the customer and the company used to prefer by the own choice of domain id and name that is used to host as chosen by the customer and company used to give lot of offers to the customers and the company.

Sixth Star Technologies Review

Fig 1.2 Good Reviews from Clients 

Sixth Star Hosting and Reviews  

Hosting also done mainly in the Sixth Star technologies for the customer  to provide a various offer in dedicated hosting,Vps hosting,reseller hosting,Cloud Hosting ,Email server hosting,etc., are the some hosting are used to provide in sixthstar technologies.

Then,we used to provide the service to the customer with this form of hosting and to get a good review from the cusotmer and still their is no negative reviews from the customer.web developments we use to do may technologies that we used to provide the service and other service like payroll software selling also the main things we used to provide to the cusotmer and still there is no complaints and give Positive reviews from the customer .

Sixth Star Technologies Review
Fig 1.3 Reviews Given by client

And we used to provide a SEO Service to the customer and get a positive reviews from the customer
to act as site to be present in the form of google in a certain period of time and each keyword is to be optimised and get a positive reviews from the customer to earn profit through which the site and get a postive reviews always.

Sixth Star Technologies Review

Fig 1.4 Customer Service and Reviews 

Spam filtering service to the customers and to give the best support all the time to the customer and in any situation and SSL certificate also we used to provide to the customer and give best support tothe customers and provide service.

Customer who tied up with the sixthstar technologies always get  best service  and give positive review about the company and even get a good Reputation with the sites and some of the good reviews given by the form of the sites.

Sixth Star Technologies Review

.Fig 1.5 Good Review

Oline reputation is the main things and get a positive reviews about the site and get a reputation and social networks are used today for the reputation and get a positive reviews from the customer and get a proper review through their  service.

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SEO doesn't spoil any website ranking in Google Search Results. The spammers are done a technique of Negative SEO to spoil website reputation.


Negative SEO is the reverse of Positive SEO. Negative SEO is that the act of playing some sort of action that damages competitors’ organic search rankings. There area unit some ways negative SEO will be done. somebody might hack an internet site and riddle the code with hypertext markup language hyperlinks or inject malware. Even creating multiple duplicate copies of web site|a web site} or stealing a website’s content might lead to shriveled rankings for that site, that may be seen as a technique of negative SEO. something that hurts a websites rankings, that is finished by design, might fall under this class.

For the needs of this text, we have a tendency to area unit merely bearing on somebody (usually a challenger or black hat SEO company) building quality links that purpose at the web site they're attempting to urge punished.

How are you able to conclude If you've got Negative SEO From Links?

The first step in discovering if you're the target of negative SEO from links is reviewing your backlink profile. In most cases, it's an honest plan to try and do this once every week or once a month, reckoning on however involved you're and the way cutthroat and competitive your business is.

You can read the links to your website report in Google Webmaster Tools to induce an honest high-level read of the links Google is seeing and utilizing as authority indicators once reviewing your site.

There are alternative glorious tools out there, like Majestic SEO, Opensite mortal and Ahrefs, which will typically surface extra incoming links unlisted within the Google Webmaster Tools report. we tend to do recognize that you simply will get a manual action for links unlisted in Webmaster Tools, thus it’s an honest plan to induce the maximum amount data as doable.

When you review these links, keep an eye fixed out for the following:
  • A large range of recent links that area unit atypical the web site
  • Links with actual anchor text for competitive keywords
  • Links from quality domains
  • Links from quality journals that would be in blog networks
  • Anything that appears funny
  • Outside of simply viewing the links, it's conjointly an honest plan to often check to examine if you've got a manual action.

If you see any drops in rankings or organic traffic and haven't received a manual action, it's going to be the results of a Google formula update. Moz has place along a reasonably comprehensive history of Google formula updates, thus check to examine if your rankings loss corresponds with one.

Alternatively, you'll be able to use acanthopterygian Digital’s Panguin Tool — it pulls in your Google Analytics information and so will associate degree overlay that shows once Google formula updates occurred. you'll be able to use this to examine if associate degree update hurt your website.

What does one Do If you discover dangerous Links From Negative SEO?
This is the million-dollar question. What does one do if you finish up being a target of negative SEO?

Reach bent on the web site & raise Them to require The Links Down

The best issue that you simply will do is truly reach bent on every of those sites and raise them to require the links down. ensure you retain a record of your makes an attempt to contact webmasters. this will be a long method, however Google desires to visualize that you simply area unit creating the hassle to stay your backlink profile clean.

This is particularly necessary if a manual action has been taken against your web site and you wish to submit a reconsideration request.

There area unit several tools on-line which will assist you do that additional effectively. I actually have used rmoov with smart success.

Disavow The Links

For any links that you simply can’t get removed, deny the links victimization the Google deny Tool and also the Bing deny Tool. By doing this, you're asking Google and Bing to not take the links into consideration once assessing your web site.

Negative SEO Disavow Links
According to Google:

If you’ve done the maximum amount work as you'll be able to to get rid of spammy or low-quality links from the net, and area unit unable to create more progress on obtaining the links taken down, you'll be able to deny the remaining links. In different words, you'll be able to raise Google to not take bound links into consideration once assessing your web site.
You can learn additional concerning block links with Google and Bing here.

Ask the web site however The Links Were Created

If this can be AN current issue, and dangerous links keep stoning up, it's not {a dangerous|a nasty|a foul} plan to raise the web site containing the bad links however they were created. If you're given a response, this will offer you additional data on the case, that you'll be able to report back to Google or use to form a stop and refrain against the wrongdoer.

Tell The Search Engines concerning It

Google and Bing don't presently supply the way to report negative SEO specifically. However, negative SEO will fall under the class of webspam, and each search engines permit users to report this.

To report webspam in Google, use this way. To report webspam in Bing, use this one.

Google conjointly incorporates a type that permits you to report paid links. Now, not all links that area unit in serious trouble negative SEO area unit paid, however you'll technically use this way to report low-quality websites that area unit shopping for links and therefore acting negative SEO against you.

Google’s Current Stance On Negative SEO

Google is usually probing for ways in which to cope with spam additional effectively, and this includes negative SEO techniques. whereas they don’t have it puzzled out utterly nevertheless, we all know that they're conscious of the problem and actively seeking ways in which to cope with it.

Google works exhausting to stop different webmasters from having the ability to hurt your ranking or have your web site faraway from our index. If you’re involved concerning another web site linking to yours, we recommend contacting the webmaster of the positioning in question.
Summing Up Negative SEO For currently
Right now, your best bet for handling negative SEO from links is to deny them in each Bing and Google and do your best to induce them taken down. Also, ensure to decision out whoever is building the links, if doable.

Certainly, there's lots to be aforementioned concerning the present state of the Google algorithmic rule, the reliance on links and the way this will be manipulated. However, for the needs of this text, i might simply leave with the subsequent points:
  • Keep a watch on your backlinks
  • Clean up dangerous links once doable
  • Disavow them once unfeasible
  • Use the webspam coverage type for currently
  • Keep your eye out for brand new ways in which to report/deal with this issue

I strongly believe you have no doubts in Negative SEO. You have get a solution from this article to secure your website..

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Posting Positive Reviews: Prides itself on being AN moral computer program improvement firm, and our team of computer program promoting specialists works onerous to remain informed the foremost effective ways that to induce your website to the highest of the search engines. Our computer program promoting firm can ne'er get your web site penalised, and, in fact, we've ne'er had a consumer website penalised - and we’ve been providing computer program improvement services for over six years.

Post sensible Reviews: company name repair could be a sensitive space. Companies, each massive and tiny, have to be compelled to develop a strategic approach once managing a nasty name online; whether or not it’s negative search results or being “flamed” by a blogger. usually times, even AN honest effort to repair a name will cause AN unwanted backlash of negativity within the on-line community which can o.k. persuade be as damaging or perhaps more-so than the initial state of affairs. will ensure that this negative half won't happen to you.

How to take away negative reviews: Services area unit vital for businesses that sell merchandise and services on-line or WHO use their websites to get sales leads. Goals for embody removing all the negative content regarding your company from the web, rising your name, inflicting media coverage, and driving traffic to physical business locations. Organizations like non-profits and political parties conjointly use services and solutions to market their image.

Search engine improvement is usually an outsized a part of a research engine promoting campaign, as its changing into identified it's not a con job as many of us would attempt to cause you to assume. SEO is just the method of applying good judgment and basic honesty to your approach and keeping in mind that you simply and therefore the search engines share identical read. you would like traffic to your sites and that is precisely what the computer programme needs to allow you, as long as you have got the foremost relevant and in style website. helps you improve your website to satisfy the quality that search engines explore for.

Remove Negative Reviews: By posting lies, inaccuracies, and superannuated data on blogs, message boards, and forums, some of negative comments will become a good audience World Health Organization assume that what's being same regarding your company is true. And if you're not countering these attacks, you're in essence confirming them. professionals ar committed to serving to you defend your name against these attacks. victimisation ways like computer programme improvement and on-line content management, can provide your name and name the press they merit.

Posting Positive Reviews: higher computer programme placement gets your company out there before of thousands of potential consumers World Health Organization ar actively looking for what you sell straight away, and for a lower value per lead than alternative on-line promoting channels. That’s why marketers gave SEO the very best ranking of any manoeuvre – as well as e-mail promoting, banner ads, and paid search – in an exceedingly recent ROI study by .
Here you'll notice a lot of information: Post Positive Reviews - Post smart Reviews - the way to post smart reviews.